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Struggling with Anxiety, Depression, or Weight Loss?

We consider the whole person.  The mind and the body.  Mental Health and Metabolic Health.  Improving both together creates a harmonious state where you can thrive.  The human being is an amazing organism with a tremendous capacity for self-healing whether regenerative growth from injury or fighting pathogenic invasion.   Much of the illness and chronic disease we experience are rooted in metabolic disfunction and mental difficulties.

Barring unforeseen external factors optimal, lasting health is often well within our control; our bodies want to heal themselves…we just get in the way sometimes.  When given resources of proper nutrition, adequate exercise, and mental well-being humans are capable of long, vibrant lives.

The mind doesn’t heal without the body, the body doesn’t heal without the mind. They need each other, they help each other.  Our holistic and multi-faceted approach (neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, nutrition counseling, fitness planning) helps you navigate the healing process to gain control of your mental and metabolic health together.   We help you reteach your body to heal itself again and eventually flourish to become the very best version of yourself.

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What Makes Us Different?

Where most medical practice focuses singularly, our twofold approach takes a total health perspective understanding the mind doesn’t heal without the body, the body doesn’t heal without the mind.  Current research supports an intimate link between metabolic and mental health.  Depression, anxiety, addiction, and metabolic syndrome are all connected.  The mind and body need each other, they help each other.  We evaluate each new client to determine where to best begin then apply our expertise to coach and guide toward improved metabolic and mental health.

We don’t want to be your coaches forever; nothing would make us happier than knowing our clients have gained complete command over their metabolic and mental health, living their best lives as the happiest and healthiest version of themselves.  We want to put you back in control of your health.

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Aaron Cerrone

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Our highly qualified coaches care about all aspects of your health and wellness.

Katrina and Aaron met through mutual friends about 10 years ago and were members together in a local business networking group.  Katrina, at the time, owned/operated a successful photography studio while Aaron taught at the University of Nebraska at Omaha by day and ran his martial arts and fitness center by night.  The two regularly traded books on business and self-help met regularly at their favorite coffee shop, often overheard bantering about their latest business ideas.

Their discussion often gravitated toward the dogmatic problem in our current health systems: a complete lack of continuity of treatment plans and the misconnect between metabolic health and mental health.  After focusing on their individual practices and numerous life changes the two friends formed Herstel Health as an answer to what they feel is an underperforming medical industry and help an ever growing number of people struggling with mental and metabolic health.

Coach Aaron
Coach Katrina

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